Men and women basically have a different perspective

Men and women basically have a different perspective
Having sex or making love is a normal and important activity that is practiced by every young couples or married. Facts prove that there are many benefits to be gained by active when having sex regularly. However, these benefits will not be obtained maximally when the sex is done not fully satisfy both sides.

Men and women basically have a different perspective about sex. In general, men view sex as an act of penetration until ejaculation or orgasm is reached. While for most of womanhood, sex is not just that. There are many things that women really want when making love, and things are not merely sexual performance issues.

Here are some things that women want during sex with a partner that is collected from sharing research and surveys conducted by some sex experts for some respondents.

Foreplay (heating) Longer

Results of the study revealed that approximately 33% of women want foreplay or longer warming and memorable before sex. This is sometimes forgotten by men who tend to be so ambitious to satisfy his own desires with as soon as possible so that the rush to penetrate and want to achieve orgasm. But women have a sex machine slower than men, they turned out to require a longer time to get fully aroused and then reach orgasm or climax.

Foreplay can be done with the activity of kissing, hugging, caressing and actions taken to excite sex partner. Kiss with tongue, or suck the nipple or just talking about sex can also be categorized into a form of foreplay. So for the men, it would be nice if it was always to get used to foreplay or warm up first in a long enough period of time until the woman aroused before continuing to the main intimate relationship.

Oral Sex

Oral sex to a woman called Pussy. This activity helps some women quickly aroused since some point in the genital area gets strong stimuli. As many as 22% of women from the study claimed to want cunnilingus from her husband. While not all women feel comfortable receiving oral but these activities will need to be tested while making love.


Women sometimes frustrated with her husband’s sexual performance too quickly completed. Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder of men who feared and hated women. Sometimes the wife is not feeling anything, the husband has been completed. If this condition continues, it can cause psychological disturbances such as arise shyness and lack confidence. If this happens, the household can be disbanded. If you are male and have a problem with sexual endurance, you can reverse the situation by learning how durable during sex naturally, without drugs. Info details can be read here.


As I was excited, he sometimes out of control and be harsh with his wife to undress and kiss her roughly. Whereas women want to be treated gently. Undressed slowly, kiss her lips and stroked with feelings of love. Things like that sooner arouse sexual desire than women to explore and make sex objects.

Sex Regularly

Although some couples like sex spontaneous, but for women, good sex is regular and impromptu. They like the sense of comfort and are willing to take the time to adjust the lighting, hygiene, aroma and the time they have sex. Women want sex were scheduled and do it with a romantic and ends with intimacy with her husband in bed.

Sex Variatif

Women are equal with men do not like sex monotonous, therefore do the variations and choose sex positions delights. Similarly, the location, not only do it in the bedroom, sometimes do in other places such as in the living room, bathroom or even in the car or  use the sex toy to help.

Intimacy In Love

Never ignore aspects of intimacy in sex, because it turned out to be considered very important by most women. For some men, sex is nothing more than mere biological needs so that they are not too concerned with who did it. In contrast to women who are more concerned with emotional attachment and intimacy during sex. Some women even admitted more like the intimacy that arises during sex than sexual activity itself.


Womenfolk usually want making out with a man in the form of communication during sex. They wanted an expression of love whispered in their ear during sex. Light things like this may increase intimacy and emotional bonding and ultimately create a powerful orgasm both women and men.

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Catuaba is the best natural product for men

In the world of sex medication catuaba is one the renowned names. It is basically the name of an age aged tree. Individuals utilize the bark of this tree to make a medication that iron out male sex-related issues.

Record of the medication:
This tree was found in the Amazon area in Brazil. It is a little blooming tree. The bark of this tree is being made use of for a century by the Brazilian for boosting man’s efficiency during sex. Nowadays it is made use of to ready sex medication for men in several areas around the world.

Use of this plant:
-Nowadays from catuaba bark bunches of pharmaceutical business are acquiring the formula of prepping sexual medicine that is truly practical for men during intercourse.
-Medical science has proven that this bark includes some chemicals that widen capillary as well as increase blood flow in the penis and also aid men to improve their erectile.
-Having the medication made from this component additionally has a result on human mind throughout making love which offers sexual enjoyable.


Impacts of this kind supplement on the body:
Various kind of capsules and oils are being prepared from vibrator bark which are specifically efficient for men in regards to their sexual problems. These medicines can be utilized by guys to renew their libido and also meet their libidos.
As this is absolutely a natural product, it has extremely much less negative side effects on the human body. As this bark consists of some chemical so it is not absolutely adverse effects free of cost. It is consistently a good idea that prior to having any medication which is made of catuaba bark constantly seek advice from your medical professional. Yet there is no doubt that it is just one of the most made use of natural medication that is mostly used for guys sexual concerns and several other objectives.